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Things You Can Do

1. Put LibraryThing on your blog

Put a widget on your blog and show your visitors what you're reading now, random books from your collection, your tag cloud, etc.

Make a standard blog widget shows books, authors or tags

Make a search widget let your visitors search your library right on your blog

New: We're beta-testing LiveJournal- and MySpace-compatible widgets (Try this if the standard widget isn't working for you).

2. Get LibraryThing on your cell phone

Check whether you've got it when you're standing in the bookshop. LibraryThing Mobile gives you the power of LibraryThing and the... oh I'm sure you get it.

Point your phone's browser to: | Non-mobile tester page.

3. Send invites

Invite friends to LibraryThing

4. Show off thingies

Put one of these small images (a "chiclet") on your blog, linking to your profile or catalog.

Click a chiclet to create a link to your:

5. Signature lines

Create a signature line for email and other forums.

6. Explore LibraryThing APIs and Easy Linking

LibraryThing offers a number of APIs, and easy ways to link to works.

More about APIs and easy linking.

7. Add the Amazon Bookmarklet

Browse Amazon, and when you find something you have or like, click on the LibraryThing bookmarklet and it will add it to your library.

Add to LibraryThing

How to add: Almost all browsers will allow you to drag the link to your toolbar directly. If that doesn't work, right click and select "save bookmark" (or similar wording).

Compatibility: Works with,,, and and

8. Add the SelectThing Firefox Extension

SelectThing allows you to select text on a webpage and trigger an Amazon or library search on LibraryThing. See a blog post on it.

9. Make a photomosaic?

See all your covers to make a photomosaic or a poster of them.

Free books

LibraryThing Early Reviewers

Sign up for LibraryThing's Early Reviewer program to receive free pre-publication books from publishers in exchange for reviews.

See all the books available this month

Stuff to Buy

LibraryThing Store

Buy memberships, CueCat barcode scanners, t-shirts...

Cheap barcode scanner

Buy a CueCat scanner from LibraryThing. They're only $15. They plug into your USB port and read bar codes, including those pesky Borders product ids.

Gift Accounts

Send a friend a yearly or lifetime account.

Lifetime membership ($25)

Year membership ($10)

ThingStore on CafePress

T-Shirts, bags, mugs, and schwag galore.

CafePress: ThingStore

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Upgrade to a paid account

Change your user name or password

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Universal Import flexibly imports data from files and web pages. Supports Delicious Library, BookCollector, Amazon Wishlists—even home-cooked databases.

Specialty imports: Import from Vox.


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